Throw giant meteors at the solar system in a galactic bowling "spinoff"!

If you're using the web player, it messes up the formatting, but if you use full screen mode, it works properly. If you download it, I recommended to use the 1024x768 resolution. I didn't have time to test it on any other size!

Left click once to begin aiming the meteor. Left click again to throw it. Pulling farther back increases your meteor's power.

You get 3 throws per frame, 10 frames.

Points are awarded for how hard you hit.

Planets can knock out other planets.

Extra points for knocking them into the sun.

No points for throwing meteor into the sun.


God Bowling (v1.00) 11 MB
God Bowling (v1.00) 18 MB


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Man, is that really you? >.<